Is training the best Investment you can make


Here at the Engine Room, we often get support requests along the line of “How do I….?”. Often this is for fairly simple things such as adding an email signature or setting up an Out of Office. However sometimes it’s something a bit more involved such as how to do pivot tables in Excel or setup permissions on SharePoint.

So this got me thinking. How much more productive could your team be if they were educated so that they could unleash both the potential in the software and in themselves.

Now, we all know most solutions to most problems can be solved with a quick Google – indeed we know that most technical problems have been seen before and so it’s simply a case of asking the right question and identifying the right answer. Likewise, there are lots of “How to’s” on the internet for almost every productivity application or platform.

But sometimes, it’s neither productive or beneficial in having staff doing self help, compared to getting in some outside help.

For instance, if you are performing a company-wide transition to Office 2013 (via Office 365 as an example) your staff may find themselves with both a different version of Windows and Office; if they’ve been using Windows XP and Office 2007 or earlier, then the leap to Windows 7 or 8 and Office 2013 can be quite substantial.

In these cases it’s very worthwhile getting in some help to guide your team through the changes so that as soon as the transition is completed they can be up and running as quickly as possible. The small investment in time and money will reap huge dividends later as they will already have some familiarity with the new system.

Likewise, if you are introducing something new like SharePoint or MS Project into your organisation it’s definitely worth getting some outside help – this should be done in tandem with your development team as both of these systems will have a uniqueness based on how your business operates. Quite often we come across businesses that have implemented a new system that no-one knows how to use and ultimately take up fails because they have no reason to stop using the old system. Getting your staff to buy in to these changes start much earlier with the scoping of a project but training will help seal the deal.

We work with a number of training partners, notably Alpha Training whom we’ve worked with for many years.


They provide bespoke training in your offices designed to fit around your needs and can even help with educating beyond usability and into administration (useful if you are running SharePoint).

Please get in touch if you want to find out more about how training can help your business or if there is anything else we can help you with.