Welcome to The Engine Room

We provide top-notch, London-based Business Technology Support for small businesses. We’re a knowledgeable bunch, but we like to keep away from all the technical gobbledegook. We keep it simple, to help you understand what’s what.

Our fundamental belief is that IT is about much more than just the technology; for us, people come first. Each person and each business has different needs, and our approach will always reflect that. Your interaction with technology is more important to us than the technology itself.

We were born as a PC company, but these days we work with Macs too. Frankly, it would be rude not to. Most of the support we do is on monthly contracts, but we can deliver solutions on a per-project basis.

We’re based in the West End of London and for most of our clients we’re only a short tube ride away. In fact, if the weather is nice, we sometimes even walk over!